Are you finding it difficult to progress quickly in 7 Days to Die? In this post, I will provide you with tips to help you progress faster.

Tip 1

Prepare for the blood moon. If you spend the day before the blood moon preparing, you can gather weapons and upgrade your base. To effectively prepare, consider building a fighting base, acquiring ranged weapons, and gathering materials for base repairs.

Tip 2

Focus on a single class. When starting your world, choose a class and allocate most of your skill points to that class. Avoid switching between multiple classes until you find the one you prefer.

Tip 3

Obtain a bike early on. Begin completing quests on the first day to unlock rewards. If you complete five quests, you can obtain a free bike from the NPC who assigns the quests. Having a bike allows for faster travel without the need for gasoline. The bike also helps you complete more quests efficiently.

Tip 4

Manage your ammo wisely. Conserve your ammunition for dangerous situations and locations. For instance, save your ammo for blood moons to minimize the risk of getting injured. Additionally, prioritize using your ammo during tier 5 missions.

Tip 5

Utilize a wrench on cars. Using a wrench on cars allows you to obtain loot that can be sold to NPCs for coins. While the loot acquired is based on luck, dismantling numerous cars significantly increases your chances of obtaining valuable items. The loot can also be used to craft important gear, such as late-game vehicles that are challenging to obtain. Additionally, cars provide gasoline, which can be used as fuel for these vehicles.

By following these tips, you can enhance your progression speed in 7 Days to Die.

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