Are you considering buying Bloons Tower Defense 6? In this review, I will discuss both the positive and negative aspects of the game.

Graphics and Frame Rate

The graphics in Bloons Tower Defense 6 are very good, and the frame rate is consistently high, performing well on both low-end and high-end computers.


Unfortunately, the gameplay in this game is quite boring. There is a lack of variety in terms of units and gameplay mechanics, resulting in a repetitive experience of simply upgrading units and waiting.


On a positive note, the game offers a wide variety of units, each with their own unique upgrade paths. The units are well-balanced in terms of their cost and effectiveness. Additionally, the units’ attacks are visually appealing and distinguishable from one another.


The heroes in Bloons Tower Defense 6 are more unique compared to the units. They have their own distinct upgrade systems and attacks. Leveling up heroes can be done either by spending money on upgrades or allowing them to gain experience by popping balloons. While the heroes’ attacks are impressive, they tend to rely heavily on their primary attack rather than offering a diverse set of abilities.


The initial maps in the game can feel repetitive and uninspiring. However, as the game progresses and becomes more challenging, the maps introduce additional features to spice up the gameplay. Unfortunately, these features often feel basic and primarily serve to make the maps easier rather than adding depth to the gameplay.

Monkey Knowledge

Monkey Knowledge provides permanent buffs and ease of use but doesn’t introduce any new features or mechanics to the units themselves. It serves as a means to enhance gameplay rather than offering innovative content.


The balloons in the game are mostly straightforward, with some exceptions in later rounds. Lead balloons, for instance, require explosive or fire-based attacks to be destroyed. Ceramic balloons have multiple layers. While the larger balloons possess more health, the DDT balloon stands out as it is both camouflaged and moves at a high speed.


In summary, I would rate Bloons Tower Defense 6 a 7 out of 10. The gameplay can feel monotonous, but the game’s visuals elevate its rating to some extent. Considering factors such as the maps, balloons, monkey knowledge, units, heroes, gameplay, graphics, and frame rate, I find the overall experience to be deserving of a 7 out of 10 rating.

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