Are you considering downloading Brawlhalla? In this post, I will share what you can expect from the game.

Graphics and Frame Rate

The graphics in Brawlhalla are subpar regardless of the device you play on. On the Xbox Series S, the graphics appear quite poor. However, the frame rate remains consistently smooth regardless of the device.


Most of the heroes in this game lack uniqueness. Often, there are similar heroes with minor variations in their weapons. However, the heroes are generally well-balanced, though some of the stronger ones are locked behind a paywall. On the positive side, there are unique and balanced heroes with high damage output but lower defense.


The weapons in Brawlhalla offer a high level of uniqueness, with each weapon possessing distinct and varied attacks. Each hero has two weapons, each with its own set of attacks. One notable feature is the ability to throw your weapon, adding an additional strategic element to gameplay.


The maps in the game lack significant uniqueness. The variations between maps are primarily limited to background changes and platform layouts. Some maps incorporate moving platforms, which add a bit of diversity, but overall, the maps feel somewhat repetitive.

Game Modes

While there are numerous game modes available in Brawlhalla, many of them can only be played in custom matches. For instance, the zombie game mode is exclusive to custom matches. The game modes available in public matches can be rather dull and limited in variety. Occasionally, there may be events where a custom match game mode is introduced to public matches, but these occurrences are rare.


Based on my assessment, I would rate Brawlhalla a 7 out of 10. The lack of map uniqueness and subpar graphics contribute to this rating. Considering the game modes, maps, weapons, heroes, graphics, and frame rate, my overall rating stands at 7 out of 10.

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