Are you struggling to win matches in Brawlhalla? In this post, I will give you four Brawlhalla tips that will make you better.

Tip 1

Learn character-specific combos. Combos are a crucial aspect of Brawlhalla, as they can deal significant damage quickly. Take the time to learn and practice the combos specific to your chosen character. They can be highly effective if executed correctly. With regular practice, you can become proficient in executing combos in about 30 minutes.

Tip 2

Master blocking and countering. Blocking can be more effective than evasive maneuvers in certain situations. For instance, when an opponent performs a heavy attack in close proximity, blocking can provide an opportunity for a counterattack. However, be cautious not to rely on blocking when caught in a combo. Instead, use evasive maneuvers to escape. Although blocking may require some adjustment, consistent practice will improve your skills over time.

Tip 3

Exercise caution when rushing off-stage opponents. Rushing an opponent who is off-stage may not always be the best approach. For example, if your opponent wields a scythe, they can easily counter your attack and potentially deal damage or even eliminate you. There are instances, such as when the opponent is repeatedly bouncing on and off the edge of the stage, where rushing can be advantageous. Assess the situation and make strategic decisions accordingly.

Tip 4

Avoid predictability. If you have already executed a particular move or strategy twice within a match, it is wise to change your approach. Being predictable allows your opponent to anticipate your moves and gain an advantage. For instance, if your opponent has successfully executed the same combo on you twice and you countered it both times, consider dashing away instead of countering the next time. By introducing variation to your gameplay, you can catch your opponent off-guard and gain an edge.

By implementing these tips during your next Brawlhalla session, you will gradually improve your skills and achieve better results.

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