Are you struggling to have a lot of money in City Skylines? In this post, I will tell you tips that will make you better at the game.

Tip 1

Budget Management. Keep an eye on your budget and balance income and expenses. Avoid overspending or overtaxing your citizens. Gradually increase taxes as your city grows, and invest in infrastructure and services that will generate more revenue.

Tip 2

Services and Amenities. Ensure your city is equipped with essential services and amenities. Build hospitals, police stations, fire stations, and schools to meet the needs of your population. Consider placing them strategically to provide coverage to the entire city.

Tip 3

Public Transportation. Implement a robust public transportation system early on to reduce traffic congestion and provide convenient travel options for your citizens. Build bus lines, metro systems, and train networks to connect different parts of your city.

Tip 4

Plan Your Road Network. Start by planning a well-designed road network. Avoid creating long, straight roads as they can cause traffic congestion. Instead, opt for curved roads and grids with different road types to distribute traffic more efficiently.

Tip 5

Zoning. Utilize zoning effectively to create different areas for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes. Place residential zones away from industrial zones to minimize pollution and noise. Provide easy access to commercial areas for the residents.

Use these tips the next time you play City Skylines to get better at the game.

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