Are you struggling to win matches in Civilization 6? In this post, I will provide you with tips to help you win games faster and more often.

Tip 1

Form alliances strategically. By establishing alliances with other civilizations, you can gain their trust and support. However, it’s important to remember that alliances can be temporary and strategic. Use these alliances to your advantage, gradually betraying and attacking other civilizations with the help of your former allies. Building strong friendships can also lead to receiving valuable gifts. Keep in mind that if two civilizations are close allies, it may be challenging to turn them against each other.

Tip 2

Defend your cities with units. Protecting your cities is crucial, as you never know when an enemy might raid or declare war on you. Assign at least two of your strongest units to defend each of your cities. However, keep in mind that maintaining defensive units in your cities will incur a recurring gold cost.

Tip 3

Focus on city growth. The population of your cities directly influences the resources they produce. To maximize the potential of your cities, prioritize obtaining ample food and providing sufficient housing. This will encourage population growth and ensure a steady influx of resources.

Tip 4

Adopt an aggressive playstyle. Staying passive near your cities throughout the game can hinder your resource acquisition and leave you at a disadvantage against other civilizations. Instead, be proactive and aggressive. Build a substantial military force and use it to launch coordinated attacks on enemy cities. By striking swiftly and decisively, you can secure more resources and weaken your opponents. Keep in mind that this approach may drain your gold reserves.

Tip 5

Use ranged units. There are a lot of ranged units that do a lot of damage to cities and also have a long range. One example of this are units that can send bombs. Bombs can easily take out most of the enemy’s units and do a lot of damage to the city. If the bomb doesn’t kill the city, then you should bring other ranged units to finish off the city.

By implementing these tips in your gameplay, you will improve your chances of success in Civilization 6.

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