Are you stuck in a part of Elden Ring? If so, these tips will help you overcome the part you are stuck on and improve your skills.

Tip 1

Try facing the boss repeatedly. Sometimes, the key to success is to memorize the boss’s attack patterns. When I first started playing Elden Ring, I was stuck on Margin the Fell Omen. I fought it over and over again until I memorized its patterns and finally defeated the boss.

Tip 2

Explore the entire area before engaging a boss. By thoroughly exploring the surroundings of the boss area, you may discover a checkpoint that brings you closer to the boss. Additionally, you might level up a few times. However, the main reason for exploring is to find better gear than what you currently possess.

Tip 3

Maintain a balanced distribution of your stats. If you have heavily invested in a single stat, consider resetting your stats and distributing them more evenly. For example, I had initially focused most of my points on strength, which made me vulnerable to quick defeat. However, after balancing my stats, I dealt slightly less damage but significantly increased my survivability.

Tip 4

Utilize summons. Summons can be immensely helpful in challenging battles. I highly recommend utilizing the mimic tear summon, especially when facing bosses. Additionally, summons that provide long-range support can be beneficial. In the early stages of the game, I found the jellyfish summon, which shoots poison from a distance, to be particularly useful against many of the initial bosses.

Tip 5

Manage your stamina wisely. By using your stamina strategically, you can block more attacks and take advantage of openings when the enemy is vulnerable. Conserving your stamina allows you to run for longer periods, and if the enemy unexpectedly strikes, you’ll have enough stamina to block, parry, or dodge their attacks.


In conclusion, remember these five tips for Elden Ring: Repeat boss battles to learn their attack patterns, explore the area around boss arenas, balance your stats, utilize summons, and manage your stamina effectively.

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