Are you planning to download Fortnite? In this review, I will tell you everything that is good and bad in Fortnite from locations to building.

Graphics and Frame Rate

The graphics in Fortnite are pretty good on the Xbox Series S. I can say the same about the frame rate, which is around 80 to 100 when on the ground and 50 when in the sky.


I don’t really like the locations in Fortnite that much because they keep getting removed. For example, if there is a map that the community likes a lot, it will be removed in a few seasons. However, most of the locations in this game are memorable and fun to explore. They often have spots to peek and hide.


The weapons in Fortnite are more unique than most shooter games. For example, there is a grappling hook gun and a gun that lets the player jump higher when shot. Although some of the guns in the game are very similar to each other, and half of the guns are very basic.


The building in this game has barely changed over the past few years. It is fast-paced once you become good at it and is a key part of being successful in Fortnite. It is a fun aspect of Fortnite, but it requires a lot of time to master. One problem I have with building in Fortnite is that on controller, you have to set your sensitivity high, so I have to learn how to aim with high sensitivity.


The movement in Fortnite is extremely clunky. They have made sprinting different from other shooting games by introducing an acceleration mechanic. It feels clunky because you accelerate too slowly, and turning while sprinting is extremely slow.


I would rate Fortnite a 6 out of 10 due to the movement, building mechanics, and the constant removal of locations each season. However, the game has redeeming qualities with its unique guns and enjoyable locations. Taking everything into account, it is a solid 6 out of 10.

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