Are you finding it challenging to make progress in Power Wash Simulator? In this post, I will provide you with tips to help you progress faster.

Tip 1

Start with the vehicle levels. Completing the vehicle levels first will be quick and rewarding. You can earn stars for the power washers and receive a substantial amount of cash from these levels. Keep in mind that vehicles have many parts, so it may take some time to locate smaller components.

Tip 2

Invest your cash in cleaning liquids. Using cleaning liquids can significantly speed up your progress through the levels, although they can be expensive. If you don’t have enough stars to unlock the next power washer, it’s advisable to spend your money on cleaning liquids.

Tip 3

Utilize the green nozzle most of the time. The green nozzle covers a large area, allowing you to clean efficiently. It can handle most types of tough dirt, excluding graffiti. Keep in mind that the green nozzle has a limited reach compared to smaller area nozzles.

Tip 4

Use the yellow nozzle for rust removal. The yellow nozzle is highly effective for eliminating rust from objects. You’ll likely encounter rust on tires and cars, among other surfaces. To maximize its effectiveness, step back slightly while using the yellow nozzle to remove larger portions of rust at once.

Tip 5

Take advantage of the aiming feature when removing graffiti. In the early stages of the game, you’ll need to use the red nozzle to remove graffiti. Utilize the aiming feature by swinging your cursor around to target and remove more graffiti. If you have the available funds, consider investing in the nozzle that rotates in circles for enhanced graffiti removal.

By implementing these tips during your next session of Power Wash Simulator, you will experience faster progress.

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