Do you need tips to make you better at Rocket League? In this post, I will tell you tips to make you better at the game.

Tip 1

Find your perfect car sensitivity. You will be able to move much more smoothly if you adjust the sensitivity of your car. By default, your car has a very low sensitivity, and increasing it will improve your gameplay.

Tip 2

Spread out your team. If you are not playing solo, you should distribute your team members, with some focusing on defense and the rest on offense. You never know when the opposing team might take the ball from you and shoot it across the field, so I recommend having only one defender and more players on offense.

Tip 3

Conserve your boost. Saving your boost can help you move faster in intense situations. For example, if your opponent attempts an aerial shot, you can use your boost to fly up and clear the ball away from the goal. Similarly, if your opponent is rushing towards your goal, using your boost can help you catch up to them. Saving boost is easy to do; simply collect boost pads and use it when necessary.

Tip 4

Learn when to bump or demolish your opponent’s car. Understanding when to bump or demolish your opponent’s car can greatly increase your chances of scoring a goal. It’s not too difficult to learn when to execute these actions. Bumping your opponent’s car can also be used for defensive purposes when your opponent is about to take a shot.

Tip 5

Learn how to block aerial shots. Some shots from your opponents will be in the air. Learning how to block these shots can be challenging but highly beneficial once mastered. I recommend practicing this skill by searching for a map designed for aerial shots or using the training map created by Rocket League.

By implementing these tips the next time you play Rocket League, you will increase your chances of winning more matches.

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