Are you considering purchasing Stick Fight: The Game? In this review, I will outline the positives and negatives of Stick Fight: The Game.

Graphics and Frame Rate

The graphics in this game are slightly below average. The visual quality may appear subpar due to the inherent art style, limiting the potential for significant improvements. However, the frame rate remains consistently high on both low-end and high-end computers, with no significant drops during gameplay.


The gameplay is highly enjoyable but can become repetitive over time. The core gameplay revolves around obtaining guns that drop from the sky and eliminating other players. While the repetitive nature may be present, the game’s glitches and diverse array of weapons contribute to its fun factor.


I have a great appreciation for the weapons in this game. Approximately half of the weapons are unique and possess distinct attack patterns. For instance, one weapon shoots out a black hole that gradually engulfs the entire map, while another sprays glue. The other half of the weapons may not be perfectly balanced but still offer enjoyable experiences.


The maps in the game exhibit some repetition but also feature unique elements. Some maps are relatively straightforward, while others incorporate moving objects or snakes descending from the sky. Additionally, there are boss fight maps where players vie for control of a pumpkin at the map’s outset to become the boss.


The physics in this game contribute to its fun factor. They strike a balance between being delightfully glitchy and solid. The physics are particularly engaging when using the glue gun. However, one issue I’ve encountered is the occasional failure to register contact with spikes, resulting in survival despite apparent contact.


Taking everything into account, I would rate Stick Fight: The Game a 7 out of 10. The game delivers enjoyment through its physics and weapons, but it falls short in terms of graphics and gameplay. Therefore, my overall rating for Stick Fight: The Game is 7 out of 10.

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