Are you bored with Terraria and want to make it more enjoyable? In this post, I will discuss the positive and negative aspects of Terraria Calamity Mod.


Some enemies in the Terraria Calamity Mod are not significantly different from those in regular Terraria. However, there are unique enemies that shoot projectiles or explode. The mod adds around 350 new enemies to the game.


The Terraria Calamity Mod introduces 28 new bosses, most of which are challenging but fun to fight. One positive aspect is that boss summons can be used infinitely. The mod’s bosses have impressive attacks and are well-designed, with minimal bugs during boss fights.


The mod offers extremely unique weapons in terms of appearance and attack style. Each weapon looks distinct and is obtained through various means. I appreciate the balanced progression of weapons in relation to the game’s stages or the effort required to obtain them. The mod also introduces a new class called the rogue, complete with armor sets, weapons, and accessories.


The accessories in this mod are well-designed, with only a few minor bugs. The stealth mechanic implemented in the rogue class is particularly unique and well-executed. Additionally, the mod includes a variety of accessories not specific to the rogue class, such as a grappling hook with realistic physics.


The mod adds a few new NPCs to Terraria, primarily in the early game, though a few are end game NPCs. There are also changes to the existing Terraria NPCs, allowing them to sell potions and other items they wouldn’t typically offer.


I find the newly added biomes in the mod highly enjoyable. They feature a wide range of new enemies and offer valuable loot. My favorite biome is the abyss, which includes an entire event and provides excellent loot suitable for any stage of the game. Another biome I appreciate is the astral infection, featuring a new boss and unique ore.


In summary, I would rate the Terraria Calamity Mod an 8 out of 10. It excels in terms of bosses, enemies, biomes, and weapons. However, there is room for improvement regarding the accessories and NPCs, which could benefit from further development. Therefore, I rate the Terraria Calamity Mod an 8 out of 10.

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