Are you considering buying Terraria? If so, in this review, I will discuss everything about Terraria, from the bosses to the mods.

Graphics and Frame Rate

The graphics in Terraria are below average, but the frame rate is excellent. However, the boss graphics are mediocre, while the rest of the graphics remain below average.


The NPCs in this game are average. They sometimes repeat the same dialogue, which lacks emotional expression. However, the primary purpose of NPCs is the gear and loot they sell. I would personally say that the loot they sell is balanced for the part of the game you obtain them in.


The bosses in this game are extremely unique and fun to fight. They are balanced for the specific part of the game you are supposed to encounter them in and provide a good challenge, especially in expert or master mode. Additionally, they become more unique when playing with the right seed. The loot obtained from bosses usually serves as an upgrade to your current gear.


The weapons in Terraria have a cool appearance, but some of them are essentially the same. For example, many of the early-game short swords are extremely similar, with only slight stat changes differentiating them.


Exploration in Terraria is highly unique compared to most survival games. It shares similarities with Minecraft’s exploration, but offers more rewards and risks. The game encourages exploration in specific parts, but doesn’t force excessive exploration to avoid becoming monotonous. The exploration experience also varies significantly depending on the biome you’re in. For instance, exploring the sky may lead to discovering sky islands, while exploring the jungle may unveil a jungle temple.


The mods available for Terraria are excellent, and they are easily installable if you’re using Steam. Some of the best and most popular mods include the Calamity mod, Thorium mod, and Overhaul mod. These mods drastically change the gameplay experience, introducing new bosses, weapons, and even biomes to explore. I highly recommend playing modded Terraria if you already own the base game.


Overall, I would rate Terraria a 9 out of 10. It offers a fantastic experience in almost every aspect, with the exception of the graphics. However, the high frame rate compensates for this drawback. Taking everything into consideration, that is why I rate Terraria a 9 out of 10.

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