Do you want to buy Totally Accurate Battle Simulator? In this review, you will learn about the positives and negatives of the game.

Graphics and Frame Rate

The graphics in this game are average. It looks very bad on a bad computer and is hard to achieve a playable frame rate. On a good computer, it obviously has a high frame rate.


The gameplay in this game is very repetitive but fun. The main point of the game is to beat the opponent’s army with the amount of money you have. With that money, you place down units that can help your army or defeat the other army. One main factor of the game that makes it fun to play is the fact that you can control your units.


The units in this game are very unique and fun to use. They are usually balanced in terms of cost and have cool attacks. One thing that makes this game more fun is the fact that around 20 units are locked, and you have to find them in the maps to unlock them. Another thing that enhances the enjoyment of the units is that you can create your own units and customize their clothes, abilities, and stats.


The maps in this game are not that unique. One of the reasons for their lack of uniqueness is because the maps only really change hiding spots and a few other things. They also include secrets that unlock new units, as well as rivers and holes in the ground that can kill your units. Similar to the units, you can create your own maps and change the terrain.


The campaign is one of the most enjoyable aspects of this game and is very unique. There is a new army for every single level, and there are hundreds of levels in the campaign. The campaign can be quite challenging but extremely fun.


The multiplayer in this game is also very fun. It is enjoyable to create an army and battle against your friend’s army. One issue I have with the multiplayer is that it can be unfair when one person has unlocked the secret characters while the other person hasn’t.


Overall, I rate Totally Accurate Battle Simulator a 7 out of 10. Considering the multiplayer, campaign, maps, units, gameplay, graphics, and frame rate, my rating stands at 7 out of 10.

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